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Software of Excellence

The future of Dentistry, powered by Pearl AI

Software of Excellence is once again setting the standard for innovation and excellence by becoming the first Practice Management System (PMS) provider to deliver Integrated AI to the Irish market. We have teamed up with Pearl, a global leader in dental AI solutions, to bring the most advanced dental artificial intelligence technology to practices like yours, before anyone else.

Benefits of Integrated Second Opinion® From Pearl

Below are just a few benefits of our integration with Pearl AI:


Establish a higher practice-wide standard of care with smart technology


Improve consistency in clinical performance with AI clinical support


Boost conversion & patient retention through better patient communication


Elevate oral health outcomes by catching disease earlier and more accurately


Foster a reputation as a tech-forward practice applying AI in clinical care


Feature overview

The first real-time dental AI platform that enhances diagnostic precision by automatically detecting numerous conditions in dental x-rays.

Leveraging advanced algorithms, it provides dentists with a reliable second set of eyes, ensuring superior radiologic accuracy and streamlining the diagnostic process. 

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Broad detection capabilities

Dentists using Second Opinion benefit from an enhanced diagnostic perspective, ensuring they consider a wide range of common conditions in their patients' radiographs. This assurance stems from the system's ability to detect signs of various dental pathologies and treatable conditions, including challenging issues like incipient caries and early signs of periapical radiolucency.

Consistent, real-time results

Machines excel at performing repetitive tasks without fatigue or distraction, ensuring Second Opinion consistently delivers high-quality analysis every time. By analysing and instantly providing results whenever a new radiograph is captured, dentists receive reliable, real-time support. This means dentists can benefit from dental AI assistance precisely when it matters most—while patients are still in the chair.

Elegant, easy-to-use interface

Second Opinion is designed to simplify radiograph reading and improve communication with patients. With its crystal-clear, high-contrast user interface for optimal x-ray viewability and intuitive image adjustment controls, Second Opinion enables dentists to see precisely what they need, how they prefer. It also allows them to effortlessly share their findings in a way that patients can easily understand.  

Integrated, for a better experience

Integrating Second Opinion with EXACT elevates dental diagnostics by seamlessly embedding advanced AI capabilities into the existing workflow. This streamlines the diagnostic process, consolidates patient data and radiographic analyses in one place, and enhances efficiency and accuracy. Dentists can make informed decisions quickly and communicate findings more effectively, leading to superior patient care.

The market leading dental AI software, now integrated into EXACT

Anna Middleton

Founder, London Hygienist

Pearl is becoming something that I use every day to help me make my diagnoses. And it just really helps to bring to life what I'm explaining to patients as well what's going on in their mouth.