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Success Stories

Boyne Dental & Implant Clinic

How EXACT is taking their success with the application of tools to new heights.

We wouldn’t be in such a great position without the support of Software of Excellence. They helped us focus on better marketing, improved communication with existing patients, as well as attracting new ones. I would definitely recommend EXACT to other practices and encourage them to start their journey from ‘good to great

David Murnaghan

Principal Dentist

Prioritising patients with EXACT

Getting your practice noticed is essential in today’s competitive dental market. Patients have become a lot more discerning and expect a higher level of customer care than ever before.

“Principals and Practice Owners really have to think about making the patient experience as convenient as possible in order to attract people to practices. Online research gives patients access to a lot more detail about practices in advance of visits,” David points out. “They can compare treatment options and costs to ensure that the treatment and the practice are right for them.”

Boyne Dental uses EXACT to communicate with patients far more effectively. “We’ve streamlined administrative processes, automatically sending out recalls and reminders on a predetermined basis via text message or email,” says David. “The whole process is automated, so no staff intervention is needed.”

The reception team is now free to spend more time on patient care. As an added bonus, automated reminders sent a few days before an appointment jogs patients’ memories, helping to significantly reduce FTAs.


Making the most of Marketing Manager

EXACT’s Marketing Manager tool lets Boyne Dental communicate directly with specific groups of patients. For example, front of house staff can contact patients who wear dentures or patients who have recently lost a tooth.

“We can target these patients with educational messages and advice about additional treatment options such as dental implants or bridges,” notes David.

The Marketing Manager tool is great for new patients too. The practice team can automatically send information about the practice and the different treatment options available prior to their first visit. This makes patients feel better informed and also promotes practice services at the same time.




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