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Software of Excellence

Innovative dental software to power your practice

We’ve been the leaders in dental software for over 30 years. Improve your patient experience and practice efficiency with our innovative dental practice management software. We’re here to support you on the path of excellence.

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The leading practice management solution

Join thousands of dental practices in Ireland that manage and grow their business with Software of Excellence’s dental software, EXACT.


EXACT Dental Software provides dentists with the tools and data to improve patient experiences and make their practices more profitable.

Drive efficiency across your practice

Offer your patients the seamless experience they expect both online and offline. Our dentistry software makes everything easier for your patients, your team, and you. 

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Deliver excellent patient experience

Give your patients the seamless experience they expect both online and offline. Our software makes everything easier for your patients, for your team, and for you. 

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Grow your practice

Our dental CRM software helps you increase patient numbers by using effective marketing strategies and referrals from satisfied patients. Practices grow their private revenue by an average of 48% over 12 months with our EXACT dentist software. 

Keep your patients coming back

Patient retention is vital for the future of your practice. Make recalls, appointment reminders, and patient contact simple and seamless, and see retention keep on rising.  

An illustration of a patient receiving an automated reminder about their next dental appointment via the dental practice management software.

Get the support you need to improve and grow your dental practice

We know that no two practices are the same. That’s why, when you speak to one of the team, we’ll make sure you get exactly what you need to deliver excellence in your dental practice. 

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We wouldn’t be in such a great position without the support of Software of Excellence. They helped us focus on better marketing, improved communication with existing patients, as well as attracting new ones. I would definitely recommend EXACT to other practices.

David Murnaghan

Principal Dentist, Boyne Dental

Find your local consultant

Find out why thousands of dental practices use our software to improve every area of dental practice management. 

Emma Wallington

Customer Success Consultant SOE

I love building relationships with the many practices I work with and seeing those relationships develop into achieved goals and tangible business outcomes. I love watching practices grow and maximise their potential by utilising the software and implementing solutions that align with their goals. I enjoy being involved and helping ensure a smooth and streamlined patient journey – from online visibility and ease of booking to aftercare follow-ups before leaving the chair.

Joe Hewlett

Customer Success Consultant SOE

I love helping practices grow and reach their full potential! Working closely with practices to improve all areas of their business is something I love doing. From ensuring the team is motivated to meeting patient expectations and hitting KPI targets – there is a profound sense of achievement when we can look back at what we have achieved by working together. Care Manager is a best practice I'm passionate about. It's an incredible tool that helps with treatment acceptance and patient retention and, if used to its full potential, can increase practice revenue.

Sophie Ulm

Customer Success Consultant SOE

I enjoy working with my customers to guide and empower them in achieving their business goals. Whether that's to become more profitable or to improve the practice efficiencies by increasing team motivation and morale. 'The Customer Success Partnership' allows us to use data to analyse the processes that generate the most success for our practices, and practices that engage with their Customer Success Consultant are proven to generate and support a much higher level of growth than practices that choose not to engage with their Business Consultant.