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Software of Excellence


Training programmes for Software of Excellence products and services

Academy of Excellence

We want to support your practice at every step.  We have created a learning platform that will help you and your team to understand how to make the most out of your dental software and convert this into effective business growth.


New EXACT users

With the ability to revisit materials at any time, you can equip new starters with a resource that will support them in their role within your practice team.

Existing Users

For users who are more experienced with EXACT,  ensure they're getting the most out of your software by addressing knowledge gaps with our library of materials.

Personalised to you

We understand that people learn in different ways. So we've created a learning platform completely free of charge that incorporates auditory, visual and kinaesthetic techniques.

Get rewarded

Offering a unique take on traditional training, users are able to independently track progress in their very own e-learning dashboard - with certificates of achievement and verifiable CPD for module completion.