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Our Partners

A partnership network you can rely on

Our partners are some of the most experienced and respected companies in the dental industry. Our ever-evolving network is dedicated to supporting you in delivering the best oral health to your patients.

Henry Schein Dental

Henry Schein Dental is an innovative dental specialist and laboratory supplier that has been in the business since 1932. With an extensive e-commerce platform, ordering your premium laboratory and dental supplies online is quick and easy, with over 50,000 dental products available in the UK, including daily essentials,, digital solutions, surgical, laboratory consumables and equipment, orthodontics and oral care.

We assist dental professionals on every step of their dental journey – from starting their career as a dental student through to selling their dental practice or laboratory.

Henry Schein also offers a variety of educational courses to keep you abreast of the latest developments in digital dentistry and CPD; through handpicked third party partners, we offer a variety of Business Solutions to help you increase efficiency and profitability; and our digital solutions help you integrate dental technology seamlessly into your practice or laboratory.


MediEstates – Specialist dental practice brokerage covering the whole of the UK market and specialising in dental business brokerage. Clients include a vast array of independent dental practices, small dental groups and corporate dental buyers and sellers, covering the NHS, mixed and private dental care mix. This gives MediEstates unrivalled insights into the practice valuations, market trends and factors influencing the dental market.

MediCruit – Specialist dental recruitment focusing on dental roles encompassing the whole dental team, across the market. With an innovative and forward-thinking approach to recruitment, MediCruit leverage their insights from the vast array of daily and monthly connections with candidates and clients to provide in-depth insights and real value for the clients they service. 

MediFinancial – Specialist dental financial brokerage assists clients in their quest of finding the perfect practice to buy, or a dental group in their search for the optimum finance/refinance mix. Clients need a specialist broker who can guide them through the process of acquiring their first practice or growing a group of practices. At MediFinancial, this expertise has been built over years of successful practice brokerage and secured funding, expanding the MediHoldings services offered to any buyer registered with any broker. 


Microminder has been helping dental practices with all their IT needs for more than 3 decades.  They provide practices with the latest and best IT solutions to support their dental practices.

As a specialist dental IT consultancy, they offer support options so you can customise your IT solutions to fit your practice and your personal requirements.


Envisage Dental TV is a leading waiting room TV and patient call system for dental practices. It uses waiting room screens to deliver educational and promotional messages and allows patients to be called to the consulting room directly from EXACT. This saves time for practices and improves the waiting experience for patients.


Paymentsense is one of the fastest-growing fintech businesses in all of Europe. Offering a range of payment solutions that integrate directly to EXACT helping reduce human error and save time reconciling your till at the end of the day.


Flynotes is a digital consent platform addressing an issue faced by doctors and patients – gaining valid and informed consent. Our platform guides individuals through the consent process, whilst also tailoring the information and consent provided to the patient and their particular condition or health status.


Openpay, provides flexible payment plans that allows patients to spread the cost of treatment over 4-8 months with no interest.    Patients can download the app for instant approval of flexible and manageable payment while practices get paid upfront for the treatments they provide.  Full integration with Software of Excellence means setting your practice up takes no time at all with an array of materials to help promote this safe buy now/pay smarter platform to your patients.